TribalHub Membership

TribalHub Membership

2021 TribalHub Regional Events

Who should attend?

Technology-minded leaders and decision makers working at tribes or tribal enterprises. These events are open and free to representatives at tribal organizations and enterprises. It is NOT, however, an open event for everyone. Invitations to this event are exclusive to employees at tribal organizations and enterprises. Vendors or anyone outside of that criteria would need to contact TribalHub for any options to participate.

What’s the value?

Connecting peers has always been at the cornerstone of what TribalHub is all about. We believe that learning and collaborating with those facing similar challenges and obstacles is of tremendous value. Given the circumstances of 2020, and the focus on recovering in 2021, why spend valuable resources trying to “go at it alone.” This event will create the platform for peer to peer conversations, expert teachings and best-practice advice along with opportunity to hear from solution providers who are committed to helping the industry come back stronger than ever. All of this with no cost of travel and FREE registration.

Agenda Highlights

  • Keynote Session: Intersection of Business and Technology
  • Roundtable Session: Meet or Catch-up with your Regional Peers
  • Virtual Tradeshow: Connect with Solution Providers
  • Lunch and Learn: Partners, Products and Solutions
  • Breakout Session: How to Champion your Tribal Cybersecurity Strategy
  • Keynote Session: Leading Through Crisis PLUS Prize Giveaways and Next Steps

In 2021, we’re focusing on:

Navigating a Changed World

through Innovation, Connections and Information. 

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What do previous regional event attendees have to say about their experience?

TribalHub created a virtual environment that was easy to navigate and motivated participants to get involved. The outcome really provided great feedback and useful information, not only for the work place, but everyday life.

~Melissa Alexander, Security Director, Little River Casino

I thought it was a great day with good conversation and topics. Thank you all for putting it together, I know it is a lot of work but it was sure nice to be able to see everyone and be part of it all.

~Lee Edberg, IT Cyber Security Manager, SMSC Gaming Enterprise

“Having worked in both “one man” shops and led large IT organizations over the years, I can speak first hand to the importance and value of these events all levels. Interacting with peers cannot be underestimated. Whether it’s simply a sounding board or a second set of eyes, or someone you meet who truly inspires you to be better at what you do while looking at things from a new perspective, the value of interacting can’t be overstated.” ~Chris Luter, CIO, Forest County Potawatomi Community

“Having the chance to meet with other IT professionals that deal with the same struggles has been invaluable. With the relationships that I have formed, I have gained valuable real world insight into IT solutions that are successful and strategies on how to avoid ones that are not.” ~Alan Walt, Interim MIS Director, Fond du Lac Reservation

“I always find that talking with my peers in the industry is very insightful and helpful in understanding their approaches to problems we are all faced with. The events facilitated by TribalHub create the opportunities to meet our peers and share experiences on a variety of topics. This is very valuable to me as an IT leader.”

~Mark Treat, VP of Information Technology, SMSC Gaming Enterprise

“The TribalHub Regional event I attended was a great conference that allowed candid round table discussions on various topics that all in attendance could relate to. The regional conference did more than just deliver informative information but has allowed the attendees a greater network thereafter. We found great value in this community of peers and have since pursued TribalHub Membership.”

~Dawn McGrady, Director of Finance, Little River Casino

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