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American Rescue Plan 2021

Funding Guide

Make TECHNOLOGY a priority in American Rescue Plan (ARP) Funding

Are you prepared to help your tribe make a positive, long-lasting impact with ARP funding? Be an active participant in the allocation of your tribe’s funds.

TribalHub is committed to providing the industry with resources and tools for success. To that end, we have created the easy reference guide below for suggested uses for your tribe’s ARP funding. We believe strongly that technology-its use, priority and processes, set the trajectory for your tribe; as the secret to your success or the missing link holding you back.

All of those technology purchases, upgrades or new initiatives that have been gathering dust on your “wish list”- dust them off use this opportunity to make them a reality! The funds made available through the ARP Act come along once in a lifetime and can (SHOULD!) be used to move your tribe or tribal enterprise forward – all of those things you never had time or money to tackle- bump them to the top of the priority list and make the coming years the most prosperous your tribe has ever experienced! Use the guide below to help advocate for, and allocate dollars toward, specific technology and related spends.

Don’t look back and regret not acting on this once-in-a-lifetime cash infusion!

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Suggested Funding Purchases

Based on review of federal documents outlining The American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, we suggest consideration of purchases outlined in the options below:

Use ARP funds to boost your technology team and you:

Industry Memberships
  • Join the largest network of technology minded leaders and innovators connecting Native American communities, enterprises and governments across the nation. The TribalHub Membership, including the resources, connections and information it provides will support and enable long-term success for your tribe.
  • Access to research and tools specific to tribal nations through an NATRC Membership, saving tribes thousands of dollars in technology decisions.
  • Increase your tribe’s cybersecurity posture by becoming a part of the Tribal-ISAC (Information Sharing & Analysis Center). The members of the Tribal-ISAC benefit from the opportunity to safely communicate with trusted resources, and each other, about security related topics. Sharing best practices and timely threat information safely amongst your peers will help fight the ever growing threat landscape.
Training/Professional Development
  • Attend TribalNet 2021 – the MUST ATTEND event for technology decision makers and business executives working at tribal governments, tribal enterprises or tribal health centers, offering a robust agenda to meet the objectives of all attendees- plus tremendous networking events to encourage peer-to-peer collaboration.
  • Online Learning Libraries available through TribalWise. The learning packages made available through TribalWise and world-wide partner Skillsoft, provide a cost-effective, high quality, engaging and on-demand learning experience. With customized packages specific for leadership, technology, business development, professional development and more- making these the ideal training solutions for tribal employees and teams, but also tribal members in general.
  • In Person Training from first-class training expert Haydee Antezana. Haydee’s training will inspire and empower your leaders and teams with renewed energy and purpose. She has worked with many tribes across the country and now is your chance to secure this level of training excellence your team will love.

Use ARP funds to improve technology across the tribe:


Reach out to our friends at any of these trusted organizations to talk all things broadband:


CHR Solutions

EnerTribe, Inc

Native Network


Hardware/Software Upgrades/Improvements
  • Surface Devices for all tribal members- supporting remote learning, working, etc. Available through Softchoice, a TribalValue Partner.
  • The Microsoft team, along with TribalValue and Softchoice, have come together to simplify the Microsoft product selection and purchasing process. With sales reps dedicated and experienced in the tribal market, they are your go-to solution offering the lowest available pricing and add-ons for Microsoft licensing and EA Agreements.
  • Drive sales, marketing and revenue performance for your hospitality enterprises through Cendyn.
  • RiteTrack software solutions used to manage all aspects of services provided to members and clients. Modules include: Enrollment, General Assistance, TANF, Indian Child Welfare, Protective Services, Domestic Violence Victim Advocacy, Treatment Services, Employment & Training, 477 Services, and Tribal Court.
  • Infrastructure Management Improvements with TribalValue partner, Nutanix. Using hyperconverged infrastructure technology to natively integrate all IT resources to run any application.
Cybersecurity Improvements
  • Increase your tribe’s cybersecurity posture by becoming a part of the Tribal-ISAC (Information Sharing & Analysis Center). The members of the Tribal-ISAC benefit from the opportunity to safely communicate with trusted resources about security related topics. Sharing best practices and timely threat information safely amongst your peers will help fight the ever growing threat landscape.
  • Proactively invest in growing your tribe’s overall state of cybersecurity readiness. Obtain clear visibility into areas of prioritized need and receive professional insight on ways to rapidly increase protection across your tribe’s organization, enterprise or health center. Reach out to DruvStar today. 
  • Purchase increased protection for the heart of your tribe’s businesses- the people, processes and technology you need to keep your operations running smoothly and securely, while maintaining compliance. Connect with Bulletproof today.
Tech Support/Maintenance
HealthCare Improvements
  • Telehealth services- Take a listen to a recent TribalHub Podcast to hear from Dr. James Stallcup, CMIO and Toni Potts, Director of Health Applications at Cherokee Nation to hear how they put technology first and used workflows to manage change to more video visits via apps and chat platforms. 
  • EHR improvements- consider a partnership with Greenway Health – innovating the healthcare industry by providing EHR, practice management and revenue cycle management solutions.
Consulting and Assessments
  • IT Assessments, Technology Security Testing and Assessments, Change Management, Strategic Planning- services all available through TribalFocus.
  • Meet Regulatory requirements, grow business initiatives and continue a quest for energy independence with the help of the team of consultants at BakerTilly.
  • This past year has forced operators to reimagine how they offer food to their guests.  Bringing technology to your kitchen will bring efficiencies to your businesses,  researching alternate options to disposable food containers that will have less of an environmental – and financial –  impact, or working with solution providers to find new products that will help you navigate staffing shortages are a must.  JBH Advisory Services can help and is offering a complimentary initial operational analysis and report including at least 3 cost savings suggestions, plus 10% off any advisory services.

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