TribalHub to Host Virtual Tribal Cybersecurity Summit


Contact: Tracy Kinney

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TribalHub to Host Virtual Tribal Cybersecurity Summit, Sept 23, 2021

August 17, 2021 – TribalHub announces plans to host technology leaders and business executives from tribal governments, tribal enterprises and tribal health centers from across the nation for a one-day summit on cybersecurity for tribes.  The event will be held virtually on September 23, 2021. Attendance is open and free for representatives at tribal organizations and enterprises; executive level decision makers and technology leaders are encouraged to participate in this unique event.

TribalHub Founder and Executive Officer, Mike Day indicates, “Cybersecurity is part of EVERYONE’s job, and tribal leaders need to be informed and actively participating to protect their tribe or tribal enterprise to be effective. For the last 22+ years, TribalHub has been committed to bringing tribes the information that matters most for the present and future times. Right now, we are in the middle of a wave of increased cybersecurity attacks that are knocking on, knocking down and even temporarily closing the doors of tribal governments and their enterprises nationwide. It’s our responsibility and place in the tribal community to inform and arm tribes with the best practices, tools, education, resources and connections to enhance their cybersecurity posture. In a single day of event sessions, you can gain a broad executive level understanding of how to professionally lead and participate in your tribe’s security strategy and to navigate your tribe or tribal enterprise through the current turbulent cybersecurity waters. “

The event’s format and agenda are designed to offer learning opportunities and core topics built around the current cyber threat landscape and resources available to tribes to increase their cybersecurity posture. Agenda topics include: Ransomware- a real life cradle to grave tribal story, Executive Level- demystifying complexities of cybersecurity, How Much Should my Tribe or Enterprise be Investing in Cybersecurity, Security Solutions, and more.  Along with engaging topics that attendees can learn from and gain value from, the intended outcome of the entire event is to present the opportunity for technology leaders and executives at tribes and tribal enterprises to learn about the critical role and responsibilities of tribal executives, tribal regulators and tribal technology resources in protecting and preparing your tribe or tribal enterprise. Additionally, attendees can expect to learn about costly information security mistakes to avoid and hear from other tribes on what they are doing to improve their security posture.

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