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TribalWise Announces Affordable Online Training Offering for Native American organizations, enterprises and membership

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TribalWise is pleased to announce the introduction of a growing online training library. The Value Package; containing over 200 topics across six popular categories for just $50 per license, is making training affordable to nearly everyone. The categories contained in the library include; IT Networking, Cyber Security, Project Management, Business Skills, IT Service Management and Office Productivity. This is just the start of what TribalWise will be be making available to the market throughout 2018 and beyond.

TribalHub Executive Director, Mike Day commented, “Feedback from the annual TribalNet conference showed year after year, the desire and need for quality and affordable training at Native American tribes and enterprises. The TribalWise Value Package eliminates the usual high cost barrier to training and requires zero costs for travel. For less than the cost of a desk chair, you can provide access to over 200 valuable training topics. At just $50 per license, there is no reason for any tribe or tribal enterprise to delay offering continuous quality training for their employees, students and members.  TribalWise is creating solutions where affordable quality training is a reality for all organizations. ”

The services available through TribalWise fill a specific gap in training opportunities, offering cost effective, reputable educational opportunities with a specific focus on the needs of Native American organizations and enterprises. Beyond online learning packages, TribalWise also hosts free monthly webinars and regional in-person trainings.

About TribalWise

TribalWise is the training and education division of the TribalHub family of services, brought together by the creators of TribalNet. The growing portfolio of unique and industry specific training options through various methods provides opportunities for development, improvement and advancement.  Visit for more information.

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