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The creators of TribalNet announce the expansion of the organization and the launch of new products and services under the parent organization, TribalHub. After nearly 20 years of service dedicated to Native American government, gaming/hospitality, enterprise and health industries, TribalHub is leveraging that extensive industry experience to bring an expanded set of products and service divisions through TribalHub’s four core operational divisions; TribalFocus, TribalValue, TribalWise and the long standing TribalNet.

TribalFocus is an industry specific consulting and management service that brings you experienced and knowledgeable resources offering a variety of consulting and management solutions. TribalFocus consulting services are designed to quickly and cost efficiently meet a variety of needs including operational assessment programs, project management, strategic planning, security and compliance reviews and more. Management services span from complete turn-around plans of enterprises to new business expansions and overall competitive improvements.

TribalValue was created to offer a partner and solutions platform and web portal for tribal organizations and enterprises. Its primary mission is to connect tribes with better solutions at the lowest cost by leveraging the aggregated purchasing power of all tribes to drive down cost and/or to create entirely new offerings specific to Native American organizations and enterprises. The TribalValue portal and website hosts a growing list of vendor partners dedicated to offering products and/or services that are unique and valuable to the entire tribal community..

TribalWise is dedicated to training and education within Native enterprises, governments and communities. This division is committed to offering affordable training services delivered via webinar, online learning solutions or in-person training. TribalWise will help eliminate the cost barrier that commonly prevents tribal organizations and enterprises from continually developing their best assets – their employees.

TribalNet will continue to grow and shape the industry as it relates to innovation, technology and leadership within Native American organizations and enterprises. The 19th Annual TribalNet Conference and Tradeshow will be held Nov 5-8, 2018 at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. TribalNet will also continue to publish a bi-annual magazine covering a wide range of topics designed to inform and provide a competitive edge.

Bringing all of this together is the TribalHub membership; connecting industry vendors and Native American organizations and enterprises with benefits and discounts within every division of the TribalHub family.

About TribalHub

TribalHub was established in 2017 to bring together a variety of unique and valuable service divisions specific to Native American organizations and enterprises. TribalHub was founded by the creators of TribalNet, which has been a key player in connecting tribes to solutions and opportunities for nearly 20 years. Find out more at

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