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TribalValue Announces Unprecedented Partnership with Best Buy

Contact: Tracy Kinney
Phone: 269-459-9890
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Feb 6, 2018 – TribalValue, a division of TribalHub, announces unprecedented partnership with Best Buy. Decision makers for Tribal organizations and enterprises within IT, Purchasing, Finance, Marketing, Player Development, HR and Business Operations, are encouraged to visit the Best Buy portal through TribalValue before making another purchase.

TribalHub, Director of Operations, Shannon Bouschor indicates, “We are thrilled to announce Best Buy’s offering to the Native American industry, available only through the TribalValue portal. This is such a great opportunity for tribal members and employees, along with tribal organizations and enterprises to save on purchases they are likely already making. It really only takes a minute to setup an account. We are seeing people save on the cost of individual and small business orders and getting free shipping on everything they order through the portal. There’s no reason not to check it out!”

The partnership with Best Buy offers savings upon savings. Best Buy’s Tribal Industry Sales representative, Mike Leonard, has this to say about what this means for those looking to direct their purchases through the TribalValue portal, “We are excited to partner with the TribalValue team to offer exclusive discounts to members of the tribe, tribal government, tribal healthcare, tribal resorts and casinos, and even the employees of the tribes so everyone can reap the benefits. Whether the consumer is looking to make a single laptop purchase, a dozen iPads for employee incentives, or 300 new TV’s for a hotel expansion, we can save them money!”

Those looking to save on everyday individual consumer purchases or bulk business buys, should visit the TribalValue portal for a cost comparison.

About TribalValue

TribalValue is the partner and solutions platform of the TribalHub family of services, brought together by the creators of TribalNet. TribalValue has a growing list of vendor partners looking to bring unique offerings or exclusive discounts to Native American organizations, enterprises and tribal members. An online purchasing portal connects individual or business consumers with the offers leveraged through the aggregated purchasing power of TribalValue. New partners and offerings being added all year long.

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