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TribalHub Membership

Bringing First Class Onsite or Virtual Training to Your Organization

We’ve partnered with Haydee Antezana to bring high energy, powerful programs to you and your team. Haydee has worked with thousands of leaders and professionals globally from Fortune 500 companies to Government, Gaming and Hospitality. Her high-energy style, straight talk, quick humor, power content and practical, actionable solutions will captivate your audience. So will her life experience and lessons learned which embody courage and triumph over adversity.

Inspire and Empower Your Leaders and Teams with Renewed Energy and Purpose 

with one of these training opportunities: 

Be a Chief ReInvention Officer

In this high-energy, power-packed, interactive program, leaders and managers are given a “life-jacket ” to be able to support their teams, navigate new waters, whilst impacting on current and future viability. This program provides a 5-Step ReInvention Roadmap with actionable tools and strategies to…

✦ Reprogram their mindset for disruption.
✦ Reprogram their mindset for disruption.
✦ Find their why and clear purpose.
✦ Create a “Success Vision Plan”.
✦ Design a “Reinvention Cycle”.
✦ Ignite their creativity to “think outside the box” and come up with new ideas to boost results and solve everyday challenges.
✦ Create new value within their department and the organization.
✦ Avoid the Titanic Syndrome.


Renews energy, focus and purpose.
Builds trust and confidence in leadership.
Boosts teamwork, morale and engagement.
Increases inter-department communication.
Elevates the CX and EX to new levels.
Builds trust and confidence in leadership.
Enhances personal and professional success.
Identifies new opportunities to boost results.

Format: Full Day / Half Day  /Keynotes     


Bonus Handouts: Big Picture Vision Map & 25 ReInvention Cards
PLUS: The 10 Secrets of Breakthrough ReInvention

Packed for Success

More than ever it is crucial for your team members to show up as trustworthy and authentic brand ambassadors – both internally and externally. This customized power-packed, entertaining, life-changing program offers a clear “blueprint” to set your teams up for success. They discover how to:

✦ Implement the 5-step “Influence and Impact Blueprint”.
✦ Find out how they currently impact others through “Speed Building”.
✦Create a unique personal brand aligned with the organization’s brand.
✦ Discover the “Success Formula” to raise their game.
✦ Become aware of how they SHOW UP through a powerful real-time assessment.
✦ Apply 3 key “Powerful Presence” principles to radiate confidence and authenticity.
✦ Learn the key strategies to always “Look the Part”.
✦ Obtain unique “Social Intelligence” principles to develop meaningful connections internally and externally.
✦ Create 20 memorable ways to enhance the CX and EX.
✦ Shift from their “Comfort Zone” to their “Success Zone”.


Provides clear focus.
Promotes personal and professional breakthroughs.
Improves performance, teamwork, communication.
Increases confidence and morale.
Builds brand trust and loyalty.
Creates WOW experiences that turn to profits.
Builds role models and motivators who inspire others.

Format: Full Day / Half Day  /Keynotes     


A New Vision for Success

During a time of CHANGE and DISRUPTION team members look to their leaders for trust, stability, and hope. They need to know there is a clear plan of action. NOW is the time to renew the foundation of your business – Your Vision, Mission, Values. We will guide your Executive team through a proven results proprietary process to create your property’s: 

✦ Clear, long-term VISION. A renewed focus for all – at a time when people need direction the most.
✦ Daily MISSION – uniquely created for your casino.
✦ Action-driven, relevant VALUES.


Clarity in decision-making and planning.
Decreases staff turnover costs – mission-driven employees are 54% more likely to stay for five years at a company.
Shows cultural and brand alignment to internal and external customers.
Improves employee engagement – 73% of employees who work at a “mission-driven” company say they feel more engaged.

Format: Onsite full day facilitation. Includes pre and post online and phone surveys.

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