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TribalValue is designed to connect Native American organizations, enterprises and even tribal members to suppliers that can provide unique value to them. This is done primarily through promoting our partnerships on our established marketing platforms and TribalValue.comFor any supplier of goods or services, working on your own with individual tribes can be complicated and expensive. With our database of key contacts at tribes we will promote, communicate, and deliver timely and targeted updates and information about the products or services available from our TribalValue partners.

What can my company offer through TribalValue?

TribalValue partners offer a unique service or product at a special price point to tribal organizations. TribalValue and each of its partners will come to an agreement on how to best make this partnership beneficial for your company, the tribes, and TribalValue. 

Partners will follow one of two programs:

Fixed Partnership

For a fixed cost, our partnership will be marketed to our database. You must have a unique product or service that is available only to the tribal market. This product or service must be available only to tribes who are connected to your organization through the TribalValue program. 



Commission Partnership

TribalValue commission partners must offer a unique product or service that is available only to the tribal market. This product or service must only be available to tribes who are connected to your organization through the TribalValue program. Once a tribal organization is connected to you and begins using your services, a predetermined percentage of the purchased product or service will be given back to TribalValue. 

The Next Steps to Become a TribalValue Partner

  1. Review the chart below to see our standard marketing packages. We can customize the deliverables as necessary. 
  2. Complete the “Company Information Worksheet” that outlines a few basic facts about your company and will allow us to understand who you are and what your offer is. Please email the completed from to [email protected]
  3. A TribalValue representative will review your information and follow up with you to discuss the opportunity.
    1. Submitting this form is a first step and does not create a business relationship with TribalValue.
  4. If we determine that TribalValue is a good fit to deliver value to everyone- a normal process looks like this:
    1. We will complete the mutual NDA.
    2. We will supply you with our standard TribalValue Agreement and pricing structure.
    3. We will work together to determine the specific responsibilities of our unique partnership. This set up includes what services both parties will provide, which in turn will determine the most effective, fair, manageable and appropriate packages to access for the TribalValue services. 
    4. Your brand/logo/web page will be added to the TribalValue portal site. 
  5. The Native American community is now connected to your brand! 

TribalValue Partner Information Form

    I have read and agree to the terms of the Privacy Policy
    All questions must be filled in completely to be accepted. A TribalValue representative will contact you at the email or phone you provided above.

    Is TribalValue the right platform for my company?

    TribalValue is just one of the services offered by TribalHub. There are many ways to partner with TribalHub to promote your products or services to the Native American community. We offer an industry magazine, an annual conference (via TribalNet) and webinars on solutions through TribalWise.

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