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TribalValue is designed to connect Native American organizations, enterprises and even tribal members to suppliers that can provide unique value to them. This is done primarily through our TribalValue web portal and our established marketing platform. For any supplier of goods or services, working on your own with individual tribes can be complicated and expensive. With our database of key contacts at tribes we will promote, communicate, and deliver timely and targeted updates and information about the products or services available from our TribalValue partners.


What can my company offer through TribalValue?

TribalValue is open to unique offers specific to the products or services your company provides. Every TribalValue Partner and the TribalValue team will come to an agreement on how best to make this partnership beneficial for your company, the tribes, and TribalValue.



Most partners on our TribalValue platform will fall into one of two primary models

Model One

Unique offering for tribes or tribal enterprises

Do you have a product or service that is unique or specifically valuable to tribes or tribal enterprises? This can be a primary service or an add-on service. It can be a primary product or an addition to your product(s) designed specific to tribes. Is the product or service significantly different from what you offer to the community or industry outside of Native American organizations? If so, you could be a great candidate for partnership with TribalValue.

Model Two


The second model is to deliver a discounted cost of your product or service in return for the ability to reach/aggregate the entire Native American market via the TribalValue platform. Will you offer your product or services to tribes and tribal enterprises at a significant discount as a TribalValue partner to increase your reach and market share with tribes? If so, you could be a prime candidate for partnership with TribalValue.

The Next Steps to Become a TribalValue Partner

  1. Complete the form below.
  2. A TribalValue representative will review your information and follow-up with you to discuss the opportunity.
    • Submitting this form is a first step and does not create a business relationship with TribalValue.
  3. If we determine that TribalValue is a good fit to deliver value to everyone – a normal process looks like this:
    • We will complete a mutual NDA
    • We will supply you with our standard TribalValue Agreement and review any necessary standard agreements that you have.
    • We will work together to define specific responsibilities of our unique partnership. This step includes what services both parties will provide, which in turn will determine the most effective, fair, manageable and appropriate package for access to the TribalValue services.
    • Your brand/logo/webpage will be added to the TribalValue portal site
  4. The Native American community is now connected to your brand and offer!

TribalValue Partner Information Form

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All questions must be filled in completely to be accepted. A TribalValue representative will contact you at the email or phone you provided above.

Is TribalValue the right platform for my company?

TribalValue is just one of the services offered by TribalHub. There are many ways to partner with TribalHub to promote your products or services to the Native American community. We offer an industry magazine, an annual conference (via TribalNet) and webinars on solutions through TribalWise.

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