Nutanix enables Tribal Nations to build and operate powerful, resilient, software-defined datacenters.

Our industry-leading hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) technology natively integrates all IT resources to run any application while delivering true consumer-grade simplicity that makes infrastructure management effortless.

How We Do It:

Nutanix natively integrates server, storage, virtualization and networking in a hyperconverged platform to run any workload, at any scale, while removing the complexity of legacy 3-tier infrastructure.

With a complete end-to-end systems management and operations management capabilities, Nutanix empowers Tribal enterprises to deploy and manage IT infrastructure with one-click simplicity and return the focus to applications that support their tribal members and customers.

Power Any Application At Any Scale

Whether you are supporting Tribal Healthcare, Casinos, or Government, Nutanix enables you to focus on the applications & workloads that power your organization.

Key Applications run by Tribes:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Splunk
  • SQL
  • RDMS
  • IGT
  • Aristocrat

Key Use-Cases:

  • Datacenter Modernization
  • Casino Gaming Packages & Software
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
  • Surveillance

Key Features:

  • Freedom of Choice:  Unlike other HCI vendors, Nutanix offers you the ability to choose your preferred hypervisor and hardware. From our turnkey NX-series appliance to several other industry-leading server providers, Nutanix has you covered.
  • Scale-As-You-Grow: With Nutanix, you can start small and scale as needed. Capacity can be added-on demand with a single-click and no disruption to operations.
  • Secure by Design:  Nutanix supports your organization with an inherently secure platform that’s bolstered by data-at-rest encryption and automated security testing and remediation to meet regulatory requirements.
  • IT Independence with One-Click Simplicity: Nutanix provides industry-leading innovation with consumer-grade simplicity, allowing IT practitioners to manage their infrastructure without the cost or complexity of contracted specialists to operate.

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