TribalValue, a division of TribalHub, and Curvature enter a partner agreement. Curvature, the global leader in independent, multi-vendor support and pre-owned network and data center equipment, has entered into a partnership with TribalValue offering tribes and tribal entities exclusive pricing and offers on their services.  “We are thrilled to partner with TribalHub and bring our alternative offerings and cost-saving solutions to Native American organizations,” said Randi Mitev, VP, Global Marketing at Curvature. “It not only strengthens our position in the marketplace, but it allows us to bring value and build a growing audience for these differentiating IT services for customers across the country.”  By providing new and pre-owned hardware, third-party maintenance and IT services under one contract, Curvature helps companies across the globe extend their asset lifecycle, decrease capital expenditures and free IT teams from the burden of daily support tasks and costly manufacturer constraints. “Tribes across the country are constantly asked to do more with less. Curvature provides a solution to this never-ending cycle,” said Shannon Bouschor, TribalHub Director of Operations.  Curvature has offices in 12 countries and works with over 15,000 organizations worldwide including tribal governments, large enterprises, healthcare organizations, technology organizations and more.  For more information visit About TribalValue: TribalValue is the partner and solutions platform of the TribalHub family of services, brought together by the creators of TribalNet. TribalValue has a growing list of vendor partners looking to bring unique offerings or exclusive discounts to Native American organizations, enterprises and tribal members. An online purchasing portal connects individual or business consumers with offers leveraged through the aggregated purchasing power of TribalValue.  New partners and offerings being added all year long. Visit to learn more.

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