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Feb 8, 2019TribalValue, a division of TribalHub, announces the addition of Buyers
Edge to the portfolio of partners. Decision makers for tribal enterprises within Procurement,
Food and Beverage Purchasing, Finance, and Business Operations, are encouraged to visit the
Buyers Edge portal through TribalValue.

Buyers Edge President, Steven Daren said, “Buyers Edge got its start by partnering with
Mohegan Tribal Gaming Authority back in 2002 and we worked closely with their team to build
our company’s offering to meet the unique needs of the tribal gaming industry. Today, Buyers
Edge offers the most comprehensive spend management technology available to tribes. Our
software and services make a huge impact on our tribal clients, offering easy solutions that save
thousands of dollars for purchasing executives.”

Buyers Edge is offering a free savings analysis without requiring any commitment, to tribally
owned properties. This analysis takes an incredibly deep diven into an operation’s purchasing
data, allowing tribes to gain an incredible amount of insight about their savings opportunities. To
learn more and receive your free analysis, visit

About TribalValue:
TribalValue is the partner and solutions platform of the TribalHub family of services, brought
together by the creators of TribalNet. TribalValue has a growing list of vendor partners looking to bring
unique offerings or exclusive discounts to Native American organizations, enterprises and tribal
members. An online portal connects individual or business consumers with the offers leveraged through
the aggregated purchasing power of TribalValue. New partners and offerings being added all year
long. visit

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