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TribalWise is all about training and education. The growing portfolio of unique and industry specific training options provides opportunities for development, improvement and advancement. The buying power of tribes collectively through the TribalWise direction and brand drives down the cost of training to a point that it is achievable and affordable for all. No matter what size organization. We are partnered with an ever growing list of companies and organizations that can deliver quality products and services. These highly discounted online training libraries, webinars and various regional and on-site training opportunities are a year-round chance for tribes to take advantage of. So, why wouldn’t you when training and development should be continuous…and a requirement! In an information world, the smartest person/team wins. You invest in a desk, chair, computer and office supplies as a standard cost of each employee, why ignore training?

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Charles Scharnagle

CIO of the Mohegan Indians

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