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June 18, 2019 – Virtual Procurement Services partners with TribalValue to provide analytics and processes to reduce technology spend for tribes. Tribal enterprises now have access to the expertise of Virtual Procurement Services (VPS) to help them recover money already spent on technology purchases and reduce their costs for net/new IT acquisitions.  

Today, tribal IT departments are often tasked to do more with less. Funding for new projects is typically being allocated to support and maintain past technology purchases. Aside from VPS analytics and processes, there is no objective way to determine if tribes paid too much previously for their technology or are continuing to overspend on new purchases going forward.

Scott Robins, CEO at Virtual Procurement Services indicates, “Virtual Procurement Services (VPS) is honored to become a TribalValue resource and our team looks forward to helping tribes reduce and recover their IT spend. While VPS exists to save money for all of our customers, it is especially gratifying to do so for our Native American gaming & hospitality clients, knowing that those dollars help fund the tribal initiatives they support. VPS appreciates the opportunity to help foster their invaluable missions.”

According to Dan Garrow, CIO at several tribal gaming and hospitality properties, “VPS negotiated millions of dollars in cost reductions and savings on data center and gaming solutions. All of these projects were completed on time, and in every instance, there were no changes to the products, services or vendors.” He further added, “It is not often that we get to deal with vendors who offer a true gain-share model – where their interests are totally in alignment with those of the client – and whom perform exactly as advertised.”

Founded in 2009, VPS leverages its proprietary analytics and processes to ensure that their customers avoid spending any more money that they should and help them make the most of their limited technology budgets. VPS accomplishes these outcomes while maintaining or improving all existing vendor relationships. For more information visit

About TribalValue:

TribalValue is the partner and solutions platform of the TribalHub family of services, brought together by the creators of TribalNet. TribalValue has a growing list of vendor partners looking to bring unique offerings or exclusive discounts to Native American organizations, enterprises and tribal members. An online purchasing portal connects individual or business consumers with the offers leveraged through the aggregated purchasing power of TribalValue. New partners and offerings being added all year long. Visit to learn more.

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