The Innovative Mindset for the next TECHade…

What does it really mean to “be innovative”? 

We can likely all agree that innovation for tech giants like Microsoft, Google and IBM is a lot different than innovation for “Clark’s Computer Shop”, your one stop shop for tech needs literally in the middle of nowhere. While it’s obvious that the results of being innovative would be vastly different for poor Clark than if you are IBM, we should move away from focusing on that gap of what’s so drastically different in the results of being innovative. We should instead focus on what CAN be the same between our friend Clark and IBM. And that’s mindset.

Depending on your organization, innovation may mean big, big things. Game-changers, industry disruption. But the results of innovation don’t always have to be mind blowing. The results instead might mean simply being creative and imaginative to do more with less or solving small problems with inventive and original thinking. A technology team of five is facing different challenges and obstacles than a team of 45. But does that mean they can’t both be innovative? We’ve seen some of our speakers through the years at TribalNet challenged to deliver a solid presentation that’s meaningful for ALL size tribes because let’s face it, security best practices aren’t going to be the same across the board everywhere, even if we want them to be. One thing that does transcend the gap of department size, or how much capital you have or where you are in the country is the focus of the Spring issue…mindset. 

Everyone, should already be taking 2020 head on with an innovative mindset. Although an innovative mindset may mean something very different to your team than it does to your neighboring tribes, the importance of it is certainly equal. We want to know what YOU are doing to be innovative. If you need a kick start, our spring issue will help get you ready for the next “TECHade”. We’ll be by your side for the ride!

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