Now, Next and Beyond

Navigating a Changed World

Coming up with a name for this issue didn’t come easy! With so many buzzwords and memes out there about 2020, it was near impossible not to just call this issue “the new norm” and be done and on our way. But like you, we are soooo over hearing that!   

So, in considering what is on the minds of our readers, we thought about how similar yet, diverse, our audience is. How each tribal organization is fighting a different fight, facing different issues or may have unique challenges based on what region they are in. Yet among this diversity, we see a consistency among the hundreds of tribes we talk to across the U.S. Each and every one of them is working to be visionary during a time of uncertainty. Because for tribes, this isn’t just about today. Decisions made today are impacting future generations and the tribe as a whole. 

So how do you live in the NOW, lead your teams to what’s NEXT and have the vision for what’s BEYOND? That is the real question.

This issue is packed full of insightful articles and updates to help you navigate in this changed world. 

So, read on!  We can’t go back, only ahead… 

Shannon Bouschor, Director of Operations, TribalHub

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