Request to Present at the 19th Annual TribalNet Conference ​being held in Las Vegas November 5–8, 2018​

Deadline to submit: 8/1/18

What’s the ​Application ​​Process?

Speaker applications are reviewed by TribalNet’s team and advisory boards. Preference will be given to industry representatives at tribal organizations and enterprises along with subject matter experts and industry influencers. Vendors will be consideredhowever, sales and product pitches will not be accepted for review and “pay to speak” opportunities are not available at this event. 

Due the amount of requests we receive, ONLY speakers who have been selected will be contacted and notified of acceptance between 8/1/18 and 10/1/18.

Speakers may also be “invited” to present on topics regardless of submitting an application.  Please note that you may be accepted as a speaker but asked to modify your original request/delivery method.  Example- you may request to speak on topic A but we ask you instead to speak on a panel on topic B.  

*Please note once approved as a speaker you will be notified and asked to submit more information as well as register for the event.

Review TribalNet’s Pre-Approved Topic Guide

These are topics pre-approved by TribalNet’s Advisory Boards, inclusive of a short summary defining what should be delivered in the presentation. Decide which topic is for you!

*Please note the topic/categories you see are pre-approved as agenda topics however you may also select “other” under a track that will allow you to submit your idea for a topic even if it’s not a pre-approved as being a part of the agenda.

Complete the Speaker Application

*Please note if you would like to be considered to speak on multiple topics you must submit key learnings/session summary and request for EACH topic. Applications received after the deadline OR incomplete will not be accepted.

Wait to hear from a TribalNet Representative (between 8/1 – 10/1) and in the meantime be sure to register! We look forward to seeing you at the 19th ​Annual ​Conference!

Thank you for your interest in presenting at the 19th Annual Conference.

If you have any questions that are not answered above please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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