Visionary Planning

Succession Strategies

Minimize risk and cost with effective succession planning. Leadership turnover can lead to significant cost for organizations. Moreover, a negative leadership transition can result in a ripple effect of staff resignations.

TribalFocus consultants are well versed in providing robust plans for developing new leaders far before there is a critical circumstance causing unforeseen change in upper management.


TribalFocus will perform a thorough evaluation of management structure, and a subsequent plan for developing new leaders for key positions.

Generational Sustainability

Across the globe, organizations are facing questions of generational sustainability. Many Native American organizations/enterprises hold a firm belief that goes beyond, to Seven Generation Stewardship. With the breadth of this consideration being forefront of many long term decisions, a team of experts who understand this guiding principle can pave the way to outcomes that closely align.

TribalFocus consultants have worked in and with Native American organizations/enterprises for many years. They come not only prepared to consider sustainability, but with a commitment to the tradition of planning for the next Seven Generations.


TribalFocus will provide a 360° view of overall sustainability from multiple perspectives including systemic, economic, stakeholder engagement and social/environmental.

Strategic Planning

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Long term planning will help cast an overall high level vision, but the vision cannot be obtained without established short term objectives which should have quantifiable results within twelve to twenty-four months. Organizations often struggle to dedicate time and knowledgeable resources to this critical component of any organization.

Bringing in our team of trusted industry experts can quickly reset the course of your organization with straightforward strategies and measurable goals. The TribalFocus team excels in developing the necessary stepping stones to achieve the long term vision of your organization.


Our Team will work with all of the project stakeholders you identify to leave you with a detailed plan that can be followed and used as a guide for your entire organization. We can help you build the plans of of other departments and divisions of the organization into your strategic plan.

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