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Information Technology

Technology is a key factor in every part of your organization. It drives innovation. It can give you a competitive edge. It is a core component of improving customer experience and creating efficiency. Technology has the ability to both save money and more importantly, increase revenue and productivity.

TribalFocus is uniquely positioned to provide the most thorough and valuable assessments to Native American organizations. For the past 20 years our team has defined technology use in tribes through TribalNet, our sister organization. Our team and our network of partners and solutions are aligned with the Native American organization, enterprise and gaming enterprise like no other.


TribalFocus will provide you with a detailed written report and plan as a key deliverable of any assessment.  We will also offer you a plan of action and can have the TribalFocus team ready to assist with any new projects or remediation

Technology Security

An organizational technology security assessment makes sense for every tribe, and is especially critical for organizations subject to regulations such as HIPAA,  the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) or other federal, state, gaming or tribal compliance requirements. A comprehensive security assessment of systems and processes can help reduce risks associated with not meeting these requirements.  
What distinguishes TribalFocus from other assessments is that each is unique and delivered by an organization that understands the complexity of tribes, tribal health and government and tribal enterprises including casinos. The TribalFocus team begins with a deep dive into the organization’s security posture, and it customizes the assessment goals around its findings.  TribalFocus will go beyond the standard tool-based methods of testing security which generally include scanning for weak passwords and vulnerable ports on network hardware or looking for missing patches and poorly configured hardware or software.


As a primary deliverable, TribalFocus wil extensively document its findings and clearly spell out its findings and recommendations, prioritizing them based on cost, difficulty and likely impact.  Each organization can decide if, how and when to remediate any findings based upon this information.  The deliverable will explain the likely effect on the organization’s security posture and highlight repairs that have low price tags and high impacts.  This helps the organization prioritize not only its security efforts but also its security budget.


Organizational assessments are powerful tools for identifying an organization’s strengths as well as areas for growth. A thorough evaluation can uncover root causes preventing the organization from the growth desired, going far beyond simply identifying symptoms of the problem.

The TribalFocus team of experts have deep understanding of the unique challenges facing Native American organizations and enterprises, and use this knowledge to quickly formulate plans of action that employees and management can readily buy into and begin to move the organization forward.


TribalFocus will provide a thorough organization wide assessment resulting in a written report of findings, proposed remediation and action steps.

New Builds/Expansions

The backbone of successful new builds/expansions is detailed planning, funding, research and a well designed expansion strategy; but it doesn’t stop there. Lack of experience and a poor strategy and execution can lead to disastrous results. Calling in our team of experts can help you avoid timeline setbacks, cost overruns and strategy disruptions- allowing your team to focus on the organizational demands of their current jobs while planning for the new requirements of an expanded organization.

The TribalFocus team of consultants have successfully navigated hosts of new builds and subsequent facility expansions within both their own organizations and for clients. They are uniquely equipped with the knowledge and the best practices to ensure a successful planning, development and build cycle while understanding the nuances that come with building a gaming & hospitality facility.


TribalFocus will provide a comprehensive evaluation of the feasibility design, budget, resources necessary, strategy, execution and timeline of the new build/expansion. The assigned consultant(s) will work hand in hand with the project management team to see that the outlined strategy is executed with precision.

Change Management

Change is the only constant. Hiring a knowledgeable consulting team during significant times of shift in leadership, business strategy, or organizational structure can enable an effective transition to occur with as little disruption as possible.

Our team of experts have led organizations through many of these such changes. Leveraging this type of experience, particularly in an industry as unique as the Native American market, can be the deciding factor in the successful change your organization is after.


TribalFocus will provide a roadmap to successfully shift your organization from the current state to the desired state. We will collaborate with your leadership to formulate realistic expectations, plan success strategies, and coach your team through the entire process.

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