Assessments and Remediation Strategies

Information Technology

Technology is a key factor in every part of your organization. It drives innovation. It can give you a competitive edge. It is a core component of improving customer experience and creating efficiency. Technology has the ability to both save money and more importantly, increase revenue and productivity.

TribalFocus is uniquely positioned to provide the most thorough and valuable assessments to Native American organizations. For the past 20 years our team has defined technology use in tribes through TribalNet, our sister organization. Our team and our network of partners and solutions are aligned with the Native American organization, enterprise and gaming enterprise like no other.


TribalFocus will provide you with a detailed written report and plan as a key deliverable of any assessment.  We will also offer you a plan of action and can have the TribalFocus team ready to assist with any new projects or remediation


Organizational assessments are powerful tools for identifying an organization’s strengths as well as areas for growth. A thorough evaluation can uncover root causes preventing the organization from the growth desired, going far beyond simply identifying symptoms of the problem.

The TribalFocus team of experts have deep understanding of the unique challenges facing Native American organizations and enterprises, and use this knowledge to quickly formulate plans of action that employees and management can readily buy into and begin to move the organization forward.


TribalFocus will provide a thorough organization wide assessment resulting in a written report of findings, proposed remediation and action steps.


There have been millions of dollars in fines imposed on casinos over the past 15 years, and most of those organizations had purchased and implemented computerized systems to assist in complying with the reporting requirements. However, their Compliance, BSA AML / SARC Programs were lacking adequate internal controls to prevent money laundering and to detect and report suspicious activity at their gaming properties. There is a logical due diligence step to every compliance program to externally assess your readiness and effectiveness.

TribalFocus can assist you in ensuring compliance with industry standards and with the Bank Secrecy Act’s Anti-Money Laundering and Suspicious Activity Reporting Requirements. We have a solution to assess your preparedness and as neccessary, to get you prepared.


TribalFocus will provide a comprehensive Review/Gap analysis of your tribe’s entire BSA Compliance Program, Computerized Systems for BSA compliance, BSA Employee Training, Back-end BSA Daily Audit Procedures.