Event Highlights 

IT Leaders, CFO’s and GM’s working within Tribal Government and Gaming in Minnesota and Wisconsin, gathered together for this free day and a half event. Event coordinators from TribalHub and the Midwest Tribal Technology Council (MTTC) put together an agenda that allowed for tribal leaders to meet their counterparts from other area tribes, discuss similar challenges and explore opportunities to come together on opportunities for improvement.  



This was a great opportunity to network with peers from other tribes, giving me valuable resources to know that I am not alone on my journey and we can learn together.

-Lee Edberg, Cyber Security Manager, Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

TribalNet as a whole gives me access to experts for the challenges we all face, but by attending these regional events not only am I connecting with peers within my region, I am connecting with peers who often are having our exact same experience.

~ Chris Luter, CIO, Forest County Potawatomi

I am looking forward to the regional TribalNet event. Attending this will allow me to participate in a variety of informational sessions, and have the opportunity to network with fellow IT leaders in the area that face the same challenges that I do every day.

~Eric Olander, VP of IT, Grand Casino

This was a great event- hopefully more will come!

-Timothy Johnson, IT Director, Grand Casino

It’s really powerful that TribalHub is willing to work with our MTTC organization to create this great regional event.

-Andrew McElrath, Strategic Project Manager, Mille Lacs Corporate Ventures

TribalHub successfully pulled together a broad tribal audience which increased the value of this regional TribalHub event. This also added value to our Midwest Tribal Technology Council event.

-Mark Treat, VP of IT, Mystic Lake Casino Hotel

I found it to be an interesting/valuable learning experience even though I’m not very tech-savy these days, now I have a better idea of the challenges and projects faced by my IT team.

-Kurt Schmidt, GM, Legendary Waters Resort and Casino

Speaker Christine Pouliot, Executive Coach and CEO at Evocent Leadership Development, reveals the 5 tenets of Emotional Intelligence.

Evening networking at Bonfire Woodfire Restaurant.

IT Peers Innovating and Collaborating! 

Microsoft Rep. Bradley Fulp, talking about the exclusive TribalValue offer of Premier Support Services! 

Douglas Hegley, Chief Digital Officer, at the Minneapolis Institute of Art offers the Keynote presentation: The Innovative Mindset

Speaker Christine Pouliot, diving further into the first two tenants of Emotional Intelligene: Awareness of Self and Awareness of Others

Afternoon networking event among sponsors and attendees.

TribalHub Founder and Executive Officer, Mike Day, presenting on The Intersection of Business and Technology.

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