It’s in your hands

NATRC puts the tools in your hands so you can put opportunity in theirs.

The decisions you make today in technology at your tribal organization impacts future generations in your tribal community.

Why you need this:

  • Significant time and cost savings: the work gets done FOR you not BY you, and no costly guesswork involved
  • Instant access to research for tribal industry specific topics: solid existing portfolio and growing each quarter
  • You get 3 months of access to research on almost ANY topic in technology, security, leadership and employee engagement
  • Receive a free pass to attend the Annual TribalNet Conference

Justification for budget:

On average NATRC members receive over $30,000 in value each time they engage with the analyst team. More importantly, what does a uninformed decision in technology cost you? We don’t have to answer that!

Technology to Protect your Past and Prepare you for the Future

How to get your Tribal Council, CFO and MORE to want to sign on the dotted line:


  • Use any of the above points to show how much is included in an NATRC member and the value you receive to justify the cost to your budget
  • Be sure to let them know about the NEW NATRC membership gives your tribe access not only to research specific to technology at tribal organizations but research, tools and advice in the areas of employee engagement and development. HR strategy, performance management and beyond. The benefits of being a member of the NATRC isn’t just for IT research anymore – get the value add by sharing this membership to provide tools for your finance, human resources and other key departments

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