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June 3, 2019 – TribalValue, a division of TribalHub, announces an unprecedented partnership with Microsoft Premier Support Services. Premier Support through TribalValue is a fantastic new offering for customers interested in trying Premier, budget-constrained customers, customers in need of immediate proactive or reactive support from Microsoft that aren’t able to commit to a full Premier Support agreement, and customers with small environments or limited engagement needs.

Bradley Fulp, Services Solution Specialist from Microsoft Public Sector indicates, “We allow Native American organizations and enterprises to purchase lower dollar amount Microsoft Premier Services through our industry wide agreement. Now every tribe can have access to critical Microsoft resources to build and protect their most valuable systems.”

Microsoft Premier Support provides direct access to the world’s top Microsoft technical subject matter experts, pairing the customer with a dedicated support team for prioritized 24/7 hands-on assistance and immediate escalation for urgent issues to ensure mission critical systems remain available. Premier Support is staffed and delivered by Microsoft and is the only service offering on the market that can connect tribal IT teams directly with Microsoft’s engineers; having access to the right subject-matter experts to solve IT issues.  Additionally, customers are assigned a Technical Account Manager (TAM), whose job is to understand the business challenges, recommend solutions for current and future business IT goals, and advocate on the customer’s behalf, to ensure they are getting the best support for their IT needs. (

About TribalValue:

TribalValue is the partner and solutions platform of the TribalHub family of services, brought together by the creators of TribalNet. TribalValue has a growing list of vendor partners looking to bring unique offerings or exclusive discounts to Native American organizations, enterprises and tribal members. An online purchasing portal connects individual or business consumers with the offers leveraged through the aggregated purchasing power of TribalValue. New partners and offerings being added all year long. Visit to learn more.

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