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TribalHub announces plans to host technology leaders and business executives from tribal governments and enterprises from Washington, Oregon and Northern California for a day and half event focused on innovation and collaboration.  The event will be held April 21- 22 at the Emerald Queen Hotel and Casino in Fife, Washington. Though this will be the first of three planned regional events in 2020, TribalHub reports the success of this type of event in 2019, prompting the offering of additional dates and regions in the current year.

TribalHub Director of Operations, Shannon Bouschor indicates, “There is much that can be shared and learned that is non-competitive and beneficial.  For the last 20 years, TribalHub has hosted a very large annual conference and tradeshow (TribalNet) which brings together over 200 tribes across the country. In 2019 we received overwhelming positive feedback for the two additional regional events that we did on top of our larger annual event. We are pleased to bring this same regional format to the Northwest in 2020.  In our prior regional events, it was amazing to us and all attendees that so few tribes had any previous real communication or relationship with their peers at other tribes operating just down the road.  Attendees will leave this event with more connections, resources, knowledge and value. “

The event’s format and agenda is designed to offer learning opportunities and core topics built around what is important to the Northwest region. A morning roundtable led by Northwest leaders will kick off day one and set the tone for open discussions, collaboration, sharing of success stories and plenty of networking. Along with engaging topics that attendees can learn from and gain value from, the intended outcome of the entire event is to present the opportunity for technology leaders and technology-minded executives at tribes and tribal enterprises to uncover opportunities, collaborate and push the boundaries with innovation. Technology is the driving force behind operational efficiency, improvement and new opportunities. All leadership should be considering attending this event.

Future regional events are planned for the Midwest region, happening in Minnesota May 18-19 and in Michigan August 19-20. Email [email protected] to receive further information or visit online at:

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